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Livello B2 - Intermediate Level

1. "Even I understood his lessons." Try to say it in another way.

I never understood his lessons.

I couldn't understand his lessons.

I could understand his lessons too.

2. While I was reading a book, Jack _____ a strange sound.



was hearing

3. I think I ____ ____ to the swimming-pool tomorrow.

Was going

Don't go

Will go

4. If you do this, you can use something temporarily. Which is the right verb?

To hire.

To belong.

To buy.

5. Are you going to the party this evening?

No, I don't think so.

Yes, I do.

Yes, I will.

6. You, have, had, holiday, yet, a,?

Had you have a holiday yet?

A holiday yet you have had?

Have you had a holiday yet?

7. John's broken this plate.

Here you are.

It doesn't matter.

That's very good.

8. Look at the man _____ Jim and Sandy.



among or between

9. James: Where are they playing?

Peter: I have the tickets.

Peter: That thing is falling.

Peter: In London. We can go with my car.

10. How long have you been living in London?

Since 5 years.

For 1982.

For 5 years.